Welcome to CSLab Support!

The purpose of this site is to provide basic information for members of the University of Toronto's Computer Science Department and their use of the CSLab computing environment. We have organized these pages into various subjects or groups of subjects; please select the appropriate links on the left. A great place to start is with the Getting Started page.

Points of Contact

Each research group has a Point of Contact (PoC) person, who serves as the primary computing support point of contact for the group. If the documentation on these pages is not sufficient to solve a particular problem, the Points of Contact can be contacted by email.

About CSLab

The Computer Science Laboratory (CSLab) is the department's research facility, providing research computing services and infrastructure to the department's various research groups. It is distinct from the department's teaching laboratories, the Computing Disciplines Facility (http://www.cdf.toronto.edu), where courses are supported. The department also has various administrative systems, such as the DCSWeb intranet (https://dcsweb.cs.toronto.edu).

New CSLab Users

New machines may be registered for the red network using our self-serve red network registration, or by just plugging them in to the red network and trying to browse the web, which will cause you to be redirected to a registration page.

You can get a VPN account using our self-serve VPN account registration.

New CSLab account requests may be submitted using our Online Account Application.

Current Status

Please call CSLab Status Line: 416-978-3696 or 416-978-DOWN.