Spam Filtering

Spam filtering is as much an art as a science but CSLab has a number of approaches that can help staunch the flow of unsolicited email.

The default situation at CSLab is that no spam filtering is done to your address. Instead the system merely tags messages that it thinks are quite likely to be spam and rejects known viruses.

(The virus rejection is not optional and cannot be disabled.)

Filtering at the Gateway

CSLab's email system can automatically filter spam for you in a number of ways, for your own personal address and for your mailing lists (with different settings for different addresses and mailing lists); options include moderate or strong anti-spam filtering and accepting email only from inside the university or inside DCS. You can read more details about this and turn on these settings yourself through our Gateway Spam Filtering page.

The default situation is that no system spam filtering is applied. You must explicitly enable anything that you want to happen to email to you.

Mail system filtering

All incoming email is processed by a server-side spam recognition system that tags emails as "spam" and "virus", which means that you don't have to train a spam engine yourself. For most people, the first link below on server side spam basics should be enough to get you up and going.