Virtual Private Network (VPN) Using L2TP/IPSec

Details of VPN configuration vary between distributions, so if your specific situation is not included in the examples below, please reference the General Settings. Also, in order to use VPN, you will need a VPN account. You can you can create your VPN account with our self-serve VPN account registration (this can also be used to get your VPN password if you have forgotten it).

General Settings

VPN server:

You will need a 'Pre-Shared Key', or PSK. It can be found here (CSLab login required):
Pre-shared Key (PSK)

Note that your VPN authentication credentials are different from your CSLab credentials.

On Microsoft Windows, you may need CHAP and CHAP v2 enabled.

L2TP/IPSec is sometimes also referred to as L2TP over IPSec, and the PSK could also be referred to as a 'Shared Secret'.

No certificates are required for our implementation.